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ULearn, founded in 2001

ULearn have been founded to elevate the human computer interaction at the next level in order to make the IT-world more friendly for everyone.
We simplify your working processes and advise for IT products.

What are we doing:

  • 👨‍💻 Software development and IT Services
  • 👯 Cyber Security
  • 🤔 We offer IT courses and workshops for companies
  • 💬 Looking forward for new global partnerships
  • 📫 info @ ulearn . eu
  • 😄 Courses can be offered online and in presence

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Together, let's ease our daily IT.


MSc Eladawy

IT-Software development and IT-Services

Gernotstr. 4
Munich 80804

Tel: 00 49 179 311 6568

E-Mail: info@ulearn.eu USt.-IdNr.: DE51026621